Joel Rosen Saved My Home and Business

July 24th, 2013

Two years ago I was served papers to extend a huge judgment past the 20 year expiration. I could see my re-built life going up in flames. One of my best friends recommended Joel Rosen. I have been in business for 44 years and have worked with many, many attorneys along the way… but I have never, ever experienced the level of concern and legal professionalism that Joel Rosen demonstrated. When it turned out that there was also a former partner involved, Attorney Rosen put ego aside and made my former partner’s attorney an ally…. and we won!

Joel Rosen looks at every facet of a legal problem, checks case law and gives clear, concise explanations… but most importantly, he takes the case personally. I am a very lucky guy… because I found an honest, hard working, smart and thorough attorney to work with me. Thank you, Joel Rosen.

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