I can’t explain adequately the ramifications of this outcome and what it means to our organization and those we serve.  This will continue to give us freedom to grow and serve even more people in need.  We, and specifically those we serve, are so grateful.   You have given is a wonderful gift this year, one that makes us stronger and more effective.  Thank you and your amazing team. We are fortunate to have you on our side!

Jason R. Etheridge

Jason R. Etheridge, Executive Director
Lifebridge / River House / Seeds of Hope Housing, Inc.

Attorney Emilie Grossman is the most organized, intelligent and amazing attorney I have ever worked with. She made to feel that I was #1 and always made sure I was OK and understood everything we discussed and that I was totally prepared and comfortable. As this was the first time I have needed to hire an attorney, I couldn’t have chosen a better match for me. She is the best attorney EVER.



I just wanted to quickly thank Kavita and the rest of the staff at Rosen Law office. They have been there for me every step of the way through my case,. If there was ever any confusion on my part there was always someone to answer my question. Even though it was a long road that I traveled they were there every step of the way and the result we finally reached was well worth it. So again I would just like to personally thank Kavita and everyone else at Rosen Law office.

Jason Pond

Jason Pond

Thank You! This was a long, winding and frustrating road. All along the way you were a staunch advocate while also honestly pointing out flaws in my logic, flaws in our case and making sure I understood the impact of both. You were calm, rational, professional and highly competent while also clearly passionately supportive of our defense.

Jeff Philbrick, CEO

Jeff Philbrick, CEO
Colonial Poplin Nursing Home

I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude and deepest thanks to you and Rosen Law.  Being involved in a lawsuit is never pleasant and for my wife and I it was extremely difficult.  However, I can say with complete confidence that hiring you as our attorney was the best choice.  Rosen Law and you are the reasons that hiring the right firm is critical.  I was always given the best advice and proper guidance, however not told what I wanted to hear, but an accurate an honest hypothesis of the possible outcome or legal situations that could or may come.  Furthermore, all inquiries were answered prompt and professionally.   However, above all else I always knew that Rosen Law had my best interest in mind at all times.  The hard word, professionalism and diligence you put forth awarded us the correct and fair judgement in our favor.

In Closing, words simply cannot express how pleased I am with Rosen Law, particularly Kavita Goyal as my counsel.   This was one of the best and most important life choices I have made.


I was nervous to hire an attorney to help me with my employment situation.  However; my attorney, Kavita Goyal, did an excellent job of negotiating my situation with my prior employer and providing me with the best possible outcome.



Two years ago I was served papers to extend a huge judgment past the 20 year expiration. I could see my re-built life going up in flames. One of my best friends recommended Joel Rosen. I have been in business for 44 years and have worked with many, many attorneys along the way… but I have never, ever experienced the level of concern and legal professionalism that Joel Rosen demonstrated. When it turned out that there was also a former partner involved, Attorney Rosen put ego aside and made my former partner’s attorney an ally…. and we won!

Joel Rosen looks at every facet of a legal problem, checks case law and gives clear, concise explanations… but most importantly, he takes the case personally. I am a very lucky guy… because I found an honest, hard working, smart and thorough attorney to work with me. Thank you, Joel Rosen.

Joel Rosen Saved My Home and Business


I was getting beaten up by creditors and was feeling very hopeless and defeated. Through a series of events, I came to discuss the situation with Attorney Rosen. By going up against the creditors for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, not only did he stop the phone calls, he won me a financial settlement that helped to stop the negative flow of money and start things moving in the right direction. At that point in life, the respect afforded me by Attorney Rosen along with his successfully advocating for me, was enough to literally turn my life around. Now I have no debt, own my own home, and have good credit again, all thanks to Joel Rosen.

Changed the Direction and Momentum of My Life


When the Board of Registration in Dentistry was considering a sanction, it threatened everything I had built during twenty-five years in practice. By researching my case thoroughly and making a compelling argument, Joel was able to bring my case to an acceptable conclusion, to my great and everlasting relief! The fee was substantially less than I expected.

JS, D.M.D.

I just received my bill for all the work you were able to do. I was very happy to see it stay as low as it did. My biggest concern about attorneys doing anything is that I would get overcharged for work I didn’t need done. Rosen Law Office did neither, and I’m grateful for that.

Raptors Lacrosse and Home Grown Lacrosse, LLC

Bryan Brazill, Manager
Homegrown Lacrosse, LLC

After having the Rosen Law Firm represent me in a recent action, I cannot express how professional and thorough they were. My attorney Kavita Goyal was marvelous. Her professionalism and caring attitude toward my case was fantastic. all the support people in the office were also great. They all worked hard on my behalf and achieved a favorable result. Just great people doing a great job. Thanks again!

Jim Corsino

Joel brought my litigation matter to a successful conclusion. It makes an enormous difference to me and my future to have this matter behind me.

Chris McCarron

My unemployment benefits were denied based upon an incorrect interpretation of my severance agreement.  Rosen Law Office handled the appeal for a flat fee.  The determination was reversed, and I got a check for two years’ worth of benefits.

John Sullivan

I was very happy with the result Rosen Law Office obtained in a business dispute, at a very reasonable fee.  I hope I never have an issue like this come up again, but if I do, Joel will be my first call.


George Vaill Dental Office Lease Negotiations

Joel kicked the life out of our adversaries in court….to the point that the  opposing attorney was sanctioned.  This is one of the best referrals that I have ever had, Joel did an excellent job, the case is settled in our favor….and we got a few dollars out of it.


Christopher J.P. Velis, Chairman and CEO
MedCap Advisors

“I was grateful for the guidance and support Rosen Law Office provided to our company.”


Sonia Javier-Obinger

“Rosen Law Office did an exceptional job for us in a difficult Section 8 case.  It is reassuring to know they are there when we need excellent representation.”



“Erna represented our engineering design company as general counsel.  When we were having trouble collecting on a large contract receivable with a major company, Erna got us payment in full, even when the company failed to pay its other creditors.”


“Joel Rosen, by means of his negotiating skills, persistence and well-written legal documents, was able to obtain the dismissal of a painful and difficult lawsuit and the settlement of the entire controversy.”


Lindley Briggs
Briggs Design

“The Rosen Law Office is like having our own in-house law firm.  They handle whatever comes up—litigation, transactions, regulatory compliance—ably and efficiently.  And when outside counsel is required, they find good people, negotiate favorable rates, and assist them.  It leaves us free to concentrate on our business.”


Robert D. Ansin, Manager
Mass Innovation, LLC

“Joel is more than our attorney.  He is our business partner.  He understands our business, and he helps us to identify and manage our risks without hindering our ability to complete deals.”


Jori Blumsack, President
The Vesume Group, LLC

“I can’t thank Rosen Law Office enough for their diligence and perseverance.  The helped extricate me from a multi-million dollar business partnership in a strategic way that simplified the process, and made it less intimidating and less stressful.”


William Zoulias, President

“A flood caused enormous problems for our business—not because of the water damage, but because our insurer claimed that we weren’t covered for the damage.  It was the nightmare any business dreads.  Rosen Law Office helped us settle the matter—efficiently, and in our favor—and helped us resume operations faster than expected.”


David Kagan, Managing Director
Century Box